Feng Shui

Feng shui is a science related to the natural energies and their use to live healthy life or to attain fortune and to avoid bad luck. The word Feng mean wind and the Shui means water and the pure Feng shui means good health and good luck and impure Feng shui denotes bad health and bad luck. This science was discovered in China 3000 years ago. To attain the energies of natural things and to let them flow positively through the rooms of your home will create a positive era of these energies which help you in attaining success, happiness, health, good luck and wealth in your life. There are specific tools also used to apply the source of positive and orderly flow of natural energies. These tools are specially charged and some are placed at home or some are placed at the work place even some are worn on the body as pendants, rings and bands. There are different purposes of these tools but the basic is to get the energies flow. The colors also have their impacts in getting the flow of energies so different colors are used according to the rooms of the house or work place.

Feng shui is applied the following manners:
-By decorating the rooms with specified colors and articles.
-Colors of the walls and colors of the interiors.
-Special plants are placed in the special directions.
-Choosing the placement of doors and windows in your home.

Now Feng shui is becoming more and more popular among the people and it is now used around the world. This method is very much helpful in living your life healthy and wealthy manner. You can avoid health issues and problems of your life. If you are facing loss in your business then according to the Feng shui the energies are not flowing in the proper manner then you can apply the methods present in the Feng shui to get the flow of energies for this you can place special tools available in the Feng shui at your work place to avoid loss and to attain gain or there are special plants which you can plant around your work place.