Numerology is likely the less known or understood of the metaphysical sciences it is presently enjoying a major revival. Is this revival because of the present global challenges our society is confronted with, and can numerology help out with fixing the issues a lot of them are feeling threatened by ?

In the very basic of terms numerology is created on the idea that all the things in the universe is made up of and is affected by numbers.

Numerology has been well documented through the many many years of civilization which is now believed that Numerology is certainly the oldest science we know.

  • Numerology is leadership
  • Numerology is partnership
  • Numerology is self-expression
  • Numerology is innovation
  • Numerology is responsibility
  • Numerology is consciousness
  • Numerology is sacrifice
  • Numerology is change

“Does Numerology actually work ?”

Over these past 20 years I have immersed myself in learning what I could in relation to the numbers and how they can affect, impact or help me in manipulating my every day life.

I used to spend hours wandering through number of Healing Fairs, becoming engrossed with the range of stalls. I have spent a lot of time watching with superb anticipation while people handed over their hard earned money for tarot card readings, astrology graphs or anything else.